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Meet your YPAHD executive!

President:  Doug Mallock
Vice-President:  Caleb Harding
Past President:  Jaclyn Skinner
Secretary:  Katie DeLargie
Advocacy Coordinator:  Lindsay Groot
Social Media Coordinator:  Lisa Pollock
YPAHD Delegate to the HSC National Board of Directors:
  Catherine Price
Website Representative:  Allison Bush

To get involved or be added our e-mail list, contact us at You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Youth Mentorship

For more information on youth mentorship visit us here, or contact Erin or Corey.

Erin Stephen
Phone: (306) 979-9111
Toll Free: 1 (855) 253-0215

Corey Janke
Phone: (519) 660-0670
Toll Free: 1 (855) 660-0670

Event Planning Assistance

If you’re interested in planning an event and need assistance, contact the HSC by email at or by phone (1-800-998-7398).