Upcoming Events

Thinking of joining us for some upcoming events? See you there! 

Check out the dates and times by visiting HSC Community Events.

YPAHD Days 2017 – November 18, 2017

YPAHD Day is a one-day conference hosted by youth for youth who are affected by Huntington disease.

Join us in Kelowna, Toronto or Moncton for workshops like social media, grief and guilt, care strategies, research and event planning round tables. For more information visit here and to register visit here!

YPAHD Champion Challenge – May 1 to November 18, 2017

Are you up for the challenge? Register here by setting up your personal page where you can tell the story of why you want to see an end for Huntington disease, and raise funds in whatever way works best for you!

As the HD Champion Challenge wraps up, join us at YPAHD Day where we will present awards to our very own HD Champions!

Awards will include:

– Most Money Raised

– Most Number of Donors Contributing

– Most Unique Event in the HD Champion Challenge

– And many more!

PLUS! Check out these events across the country planned by youth…