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SAVE THE DATE! YPAHD Day 2020 – November 12, 2020

YPAHD Day is a one-day conference hosted by youth for youth who are affected by Huntington disease. In 2020, we will gather in Niagara Falls, Ontario, prior to the HSC National Conference on November 13th and 14th.

Stay tuned to www.huntingtonsociety.ca/ypahd-day for details as they become available.



May is HD awareness month. Youth are helping to #lightitup4HD by illuminating buildings around the world in blue and purple to raise awareness for HD and juvenile HD. Visit the HSC #lightitup4hd page for more information and to get involved. 

Find information on other events planned in your area by visiting HSC Community Events and following the HSC Happenings page on Facebook.

Huntington_pmsYou can also create your own  fundraising event! Join TeamHD and raise money for any type of event such as a marathon, online fundraiser or a local event. Here are a few tools to help you plan your event:

If you’re interested in planning an event and need assistance, contact the HSC by email at events@huntingtonsociety.ca or by phone (1-800-998-7398).