Here are some ways you might be able to make a difference and contribute to our cause:

•  Help out at a YPAHD event (volunteer on that day)
•  Solicit donations and prizes for fundraising events
•  Consider a position on the YPAHD executive
•  Promote participation in YPAHD events
•  Represent YPAHD at local chapter events
•  Become a youth mentor
•  Tell someone about HD

Interested in joining the YPAHD Executive Committee? Here are descriptions of the various positions:


  • Point of contact for the Huntington Society of Canada (HSC).
  • Touch base with other support networks for youth that exist (NYA and HDYO)
  • Recruit potential people who would make good mentees or mentors and continue to help grow the program.
  • Co-chair and coordinates the annual YPAHD Day(s)

Vice President

  • Aids in decision making and implementing plans and strategies.
  • Works with the executive team to ensure all levels are doing their roles.
  • Calls into NCAG Call when President unavailable
  • Live streams (Facebook) at events when available i.e. YPAHD day


  • Takes notes from each meeting and distributes to mailing list
  • Maintains email list
  • Identifying action items and summarizes topics discussed.
  • Sends out agenda and notice of all upcoming YPAHD calls to email distribution list

Advocate Executive

  • Leads the advocacy team to promote and recruit young people affected by HD to find support
  • Point of contact for President, VP and Peer executives.
  • Shares new information with the team and come up with strategies to reach people that are still ‘alone’ in this fight

Mentorship Representative

  • Promotes the Mentorship program and provide information to those interested
  • Liaison with HSC on upcoming training sessions or seeking new participants.
  • Recruits/markets ways to get new mentees/mentors to be part of the program

HDYO Representative

  • Promote all HDYO events, opportunities and news
  • Ensure people know about the ways HDYO provides support – HDYO land, camp, etc.

Fundraising and Events Executive

  • The point of contact for people to reach out to and bounce ideas off of.
  • Collects information about upcoming events from all chapters and promote them throughout our YPAHD world.
  • Promote all YPAHD events to chapters – share information, support each other.

HSC Board Executive

  • Sits on the HSC board to represent YPAHD.
  • Share our news and updates with them, and share the board news and updates with YPAHD.
  • Attend quarterly board meetings.

Social Media Executive

  • Point of contact for President and other executives for promotion and relaying messages of plans and upcoming opportunities.
  • Reviews information before implementation or posting if concerned with content.
  • Monitor social media outlets for spam and inappropriate material.

Facebook Representative

  • Responsible for posting and promoting on behalf of YPAHD. Monitor the Facebook group for anything inappropriate and remove and report.
  • Share posts from other identities on Facebook and relevant websites – i.e. HDBuzz, HSCHappenings, HSC.

Instagram Representative

  • Posts pictures via Instagram on behalf of YPAHD.

Website Representative

  • Update the YPAHD website as required.
  • Come up with ways to constantly improve

If you are interested in getting involved, contact us.