YPAHD Day is a one-day conference hosted by youth for youth (between ages 14-35) who are affected by Huntington Disease.

Thank you to everyone who attended YPAHD Days on November 16, 2019 in Calgary, Toronto and Halifax!

HSC provided funding assistance for a select number of YPAHD delegates to attend YPAHD day. Over 80 youth from across Canada attended!

Thank you to all of those that joined us for a few days full of fun, support, education and lasting memories!!

Visit YPAHD on Facebook for photos from the day!

Save the Date! YPAHD DAY 2021

As a result of the uncertainty around COVID-19, HSC has decided to postpone the 2020 National Conference and YPAHD Day to next fall. Dates are being confirmed!

Fall 2021 (Exact Date TBC)
Sheraton on the Falls
Niagara Falls, Ontario

YPAHD Day will be followed by the 2021 National Conference.

Have questions about YPAHD or future YPAHD Days? Contact ypahd@huntingtonsociety.ca!

To see more about past YPAHD days click here.


In 2012, our youth chapter created a one-day youth conference (YPAHD Day) in conjunction with the HSC National Conference. In 2015, we hosted YPAHD day in 3 cities across Canada! YPAHD Day continues to grow and now meets annually, either at the HSC National Conference, or at the regional days. YPAHD day attendees appreciate the opportunity to connect with others who understand their experiences, breaking the sense of isolation, alongside much needed education, support, and a few fun and crazy antics.